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Pre-Jym Review

Firstly I’d like to state that I have not been approached or asked in any way to carry out this review, this one is purely because I chose to try the product after recommendations from a trusted friend and after

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Go Nutrition -iBCAA Review

Once again I have been approached by a company to review one of their products. This time it was Go Nutritions iBCAA offering. First off let’s explore exactly what BCAA’s are. Now I was going to give you a big

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Dietary Groups United

Kind of a follow on from my previous post Nutrition – Where to Start to often different dietary groups argue about the differences in their approaches rather than focusing on our similarities. By doing this we are diluting what would

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Nutrition – Where to Start

More and more I see people arguing about which nutritional approach works and which doesn’t. The saddest thing is that all of this arguing and trying to make our own point of difference or unique selling point is simply confusing

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Super Foods

We here a lot about “superfoods” and to be quite frank, generally they are all a load of rubbish. Were our ancestors leaner and healthier because of their high levels of raspberry ketones or goji berries? No, they just ate

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We often talk about the need to remove gluten from the diet and I am a huge advocate of this but why remove this at all, I mean the government and doctors tell us to eat more “heart healthy wholegrains”

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Paleo – My Take

As many of you who follow me know I’m a big advocates of the paleo diet and use its principles as the basis for my own meal plans, but what does the paleo diet mean to me and ultimately my

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30day Kickstart

Want to regain your love of food?  Feel better than ever? Lose weight and keep it off? Fed up with yoyo dieting? Counting calories, points, macros? Then join our 30day Kickstart program and say goodbye to that unwanted fat and

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Surviving Social Eating

I was at a family party last weekend and it struck me that I’d stayed on plan without a single comment from anyone. This happens time and time again and not just at parties but any social interaction even work

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