Pre-Jym Review


Firstly I’d like to state that I have not been approached or asked in any way to carry out this review, this one is purely because I chose to try the product after recommendations from a trusted friend and after reading the research and information provided by Jim Stoppani to support his product.

Why Pre-Jym
As you may or may not know I’m a big fan of Jim Stoppani and as such follow his work and writing. When I started to receive his stuff about this pre workout I was initially sceptical as I seem to have grown a bit immune to marketing BS, fortunately I decided to watch some of his short videos talking about proprietary blends and companies putting a dusting of key ingredients to be able to get them on the label, along with their claimed benefits. With this in mind I love that pre-Jym gives you the exact ingredient list along with the quantity present so you know exactly how much of what your getting. I have included links to all of the videos below as well as a screen shot of the ingredients list below.
With this knowledge it would be possible to make your own but it would work out costly in the long run and involve a lot of weighing and measuring everyday so for once I’m all for buying the pre made formula.

What’s it Like
First of it takes a little mixing, nothing that puts you off but just needs a min or so to settle and mix well. I’d guess this is due to the BCAAs as is the case with all bcaa containing formulas in my experience.
The taste is awesome. I had raspberry lemonade flavour and it reminds me a lot of the old muscle pharm assault (my previous favourite pre-workout)
You do need to mix it with 14oz of water which is quite a lot of water for some who are not used to it but you would soon adapt and adjust. There’s nothing wrong with going into a workout well hydrated after all.
Another thing to be aware of is the 300mg of caffeine in a serving, people who are sensitive to caffeine need to be conscious of this, fortunately I’m not and use caffeine powder pre-workout usually at 3-400mg so wasn’t an issue.

The Results
During my 4 weeks of using pre-Jym I managed to consistently break PR’s on all of my lifts, including breaking through a plateaux for bench press that has been hounding me for about 6 months and I know was mostly phycological. I found my focus improved and my whole training seemed to find a whole new level of intensity, that said pre-Jym is not a stimulant and if your expecting a buzz like some of the older pre-workouts you’ll be disappointed. This could of course all be a placebo effect but quite frankly I don’t care and the size gains I’ve made are a clear testament to the work I’ve been able to put in.
Would I recommend this?? HELL YEAH. I will be ordering another 2 tubs as soon as funds allow.

Pre-jym is only available through at the minute and it costs just under £30 for 20 servings, however, delivery was £7.50 but I’m reliably informed that buying 2 tubs will result in free delivery hence me buying 2 next time. If you train 4 times a week like I do then this is 5 weeks worth so to me that represents decent value for the results I personally have seen.

Here are the links to the videos by Jim Stoppani that I originally watched and helped to convince me to give it a try. He of course can explain things a lot better than I as it’s his job to do so.
Scoop comparison
Proprietary Blends
Pre-Workout vs Pre-Stim

Here’s the screen shot of the ingredients for a serving of Pre-Jym

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  1. Kevin says:

    Hey nice product review. Seen this product around quite a lot especially on Might give it a try myself.

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