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Ladies, Hormones & Low Carb

There is a lot of talk at the minute about Carb Backloading and Carb Nite, from myself and a lot of other trainers as well as people on fitness forums. I see a lot of talk about lack of carbs

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Spice up your fat loss

Try adding some extra spice to your foods. I like to use a variety of hot sauces to add to soups, omelettes or even cottage cheese. The link between hot peppers, or their active component capsaicin, and weight loss is

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A Day in the Life.

I seem to be getting asked more and more what I eat in a day. Now first let me be clear, this is what I eat and it works for me, that does not mean it will work for you but

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Tuna Mayo Melts

Ingredients • Beef Tomato • Tin Tuna • Mayo • Spring onion • Cheese Method 1. Slice the Tomato to roughly 1cm thick 2. Chop the spring onion and mix in a bowl with the tuna and mayo, season to

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Building a Solid Foundation

I see a lot of talk in various forum about different nutritional and training protocols, also about which supplements to take and when. Admittedly I discuss these thing and have tried a lot of different approaches out. However I already

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March to Health

As winter turns to spring it’s time for us to come out of hibernation and head outside. Now don’t worry we don’t want you to go marathon running but merely for a 30 minute walk everyday during March. That’s EVERYDAY,

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Easy High Protein Dessert

This has got to be the easiest dessert/Snack to make ever. Ingredients 1. Greek Yogurt (full or low fat) 2. 25g Protein Powder 3. Spoon & Bowl Method 1. Place yogurt & Powder in a bowl 2. Mix it up

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Increasing Mitochondrial Density

What are Mitochondria? Mitochondria are like the power plants for our cells, turning the food we eat into the energy we burn primarily in the form of Adenosine TriPhosphate (ATP). This ATP is then used by the cells to fuel

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The Protein Works – Whey Isolate – Choc Mint Brownie

The Protein Works are a relatively new supplement company in the UK, but their product range and reputation is growing rapidly. This Choc Mint Brownie flavoured Whey protein isolate is one of the newest flavours and all I can say

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Maxx Barbell Gel Pad

The purpose of this is simply to protect your neck and shoulders from the bar whilst squatting. Much like this I have used a similar item at a gym but that was just foam with a vinyl wrap, this one

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