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Group Fitness Sessions

As part of the new training protocol that I’m currently writing, I intend to include group fitness classes once a week, so I thought I’d write a little about it beforehand as the actual protocol could take some time to

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Arm Blaster WoD

30 mins all out no rest, bicep curls to failure followed by tricep extensions to failure. Light weight for this one guys, first set should have a rep range of around 40-50 we want lactic acid and muscular endurance here.

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Hill Run WoD

Today’s WoD couldn’t be simpler, on you run include the biggest hill you can and try to get up it as fast as you possibly can, if its not all that brutal then simply repeat until your lungs wish to

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Squat & Sprawl

Today’s WoD is simple. 5 rounds of 2 mins with 1 min rest. 5 Bodyweight squats, 1 sprawl. As Many Reps As Possible To increase difficulty either add Dumbbells, increase time/rounds or decrease rest.

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