Supplements 2016

I’ve spoken about supplements before and have laid out what exactly I use, however, like all things this had changed to suit my current understanding, training style, goals and of course wallet.

My intention is to lay out what I’m taking to support my current endurance biased Training and explain why.



Amino-NRG is my “pre-workout” it’s basically an a mix of essential amino acids (EAA) and caffeine/green tea. I take this around 30mins before going out for my morning run/bike/swim. I prefer to train fasted in the morning so the EAA’s are for the muscle sparing properties and to help with muscle protein synthesis during and after. The caffeine is to give me a little kick start as I’m generally up at 4am to train before work and don’t like having coffee sloshing around in my stomach.

Creatine rather than me reciting all of the stuff written all over then just click on the link and read it there. Creatine is generally regarded as the most researched supplement out there, as such there are numerous studies showing all sorts of benefits from taking regular creatine and it’s so cheap that I always include 10g in my morning smoothies. Even if I were to only get a few of the benefits I’d be happy in terms of bang for your buck.

Protein Powder whilst I don’t feel it’s vital to supplement with protein if you get enough through your diet I still include it for a number of reasons. Firstly I don’t always eat breakfast and often just have a green smoothie, whilst I get some protein from Peanut butter added to the smoothie I don’t feel it’s enough to support the level of training I do. Secondly they taste great when added into said smoothie which means I can add less fruit to the mix and as such more green leaves. Finally it’s a pretty cheap way to add 20g of protein into your diet as an aid to muscle repair and recovery when added to the early morning dose of EAA’s.


Multi Vitamin I take a good quality multi every morning as a kind of “belt & braces” approach. Whilst I eat a lot of nutrient dense foods throughout the week I like to have the back up of the multi just to be sure I don’t have any gaps in my vitamins etc. I’m aware there is a lot of conflicting information regarding vitamins but as I said, I see them as a back up rather than my sole source.

Vitamin D during the winter I see very little if any sun during the week so like to supplement with a strong D3 to ensure I’m getting plenty as well as improving my mood. I genuinely feel better and happier when I take D3, I’m well aware this may be a placebo effect, however, it’s still an effect and I’ll take it.

Omega 3 I like most people don’t get enough oily fish in my diet so supplement with Omega 3 to ensure adequate supply of this vital anti inflammatory fat.

Thyroid Medication I have a severely under active thyroid so must rely on medication to regulate my metabolism and other vital function. Obviously these are a prescription medication and only applicable to me. Being hypo-thyroid is one of the many reasons I find it more difficult to maintain a lean bodyweight as well as getting up so early to train. I add this not as an excuse but rather to show we all have issues to overcome and it’s not easy for anyone.

As you will see from the links I purchase all of my supplements from The Protein Works as I feel they offer the best value and quality in the industry. I have no affiliation with them and am merely trust their quality and service. I do however have a referral code CW231 which will give you 250g of FREE protein with your first £10+ order.

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