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Hitting the Pause Button

‘Listen to your body’ I tell people to do this all the time, but as ever it’s hard to listen to your own advice. during last weeks Obstacle race I took a pretty hard blow to my ribs, I didnt

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Obstacle Racing – Equipment/Prep

I have completed a lot of obstacle races most recently the Super Spartan race. During these races I see a lot of folk wearing a lot of different kit so I thought I’d share my opinion on what is best

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Cooking in Batches – Ready Meals Busy Bee Style

So I talk about planning your diet, but what does that look like for me? Well generally on a Sunday we sit down and decide what we will be eating for dinner ever night the following week, that way we

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Intermittent Fasting – Week 3

The Fasting Continues Yeah so week 3 has been and gone, I survived 2 birthday meals and am still here to tell the tale. As far as the IF goes it’s all things running smoothly, it has become an integral

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Tapout XT – Month 1 – Review

I’m at the end of week 7/12 at the minute so just over half way and thought I was time I wrote a review. Week 1 We start with Cross Core Combat and what an introduction, I HIGHLY recommend using

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