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We often talk about the need to remove gluten from the diet and I am a huge advocate of this but why remove this at all, I mean the government and doctors tell us to eat more “heart healthy wholegrains”

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Paleo – My Take

As many of you who follow me know I’m a big advocates of the paleo diet and use its principles as the basis for my own meal plans, but what does the paleo diet mean to me and ultimately my

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Cajun Chicken Drumsticks

This is ideal for a quick and simple protein rich snack, or as part of a meal. Best of all they are cheap, super easy to do and have added fat burning potential from the spices. Ingredients 1. Chicken drumsticks

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Intermittent Fasting – Week 3

The Fasting Continues Yeah so week 3 has been and gone, I survived 2 birthday meals and am still here to tell the tale. As far as the IF goes it’s all things running smoothly, it has become an integral

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