Intermittent Fasting – Week 3

The Fasting Continues

Yeah so week 3 has been and gone, I survived 2 birthday meals and am still here to tell the tale. As far as the IF goes it’s all things running smoothly, it has become an integral part of my life now and I just seem to accept that I don’t eat until around 1pm. I’ve become a little less strict in terms of time, but only +/- 30mins or so. If I get hungry around 12:30 then I eat if not I wait until 1-1:30 when I am ready to. I have to say the hardest part is remembering to take/drink my BCAA’s through the morning, I always get some pre and post workout but then am quite often busy and just forget, I need to nail this in the coming weeks as I don’t have an awful lot of muscle to lose so want to keep that bit I do.

Paleo/primal is as ever the cornerstone of my eating, however, I have ‘cheated’ a few times and most notably I ate a sandwich and cheesecake on Thurs/Fri. All Friday night and into Sat my insides felt horrible. Nothing was especially wrong but I just felt full and bloated, I think there is a reason that gluten sounds so much like glue, cos that’s how it felt to me. I no longer crave these foods but have them out of convenience.

Lessons Learned

I learned some time ago that the key to success in nutrition and health is planning. If I had planned and taken healthy nutritious foods out with me then I wouldn’t have had the sandwich (the cheesecake is a whole other matter, that was a choice) I usually have my cooler bag on hand full of snacks, protein shakes and meals but as it was a family day out I decided I may get into trouble if I lugged it around with me. The more you plan and prepare your meals and snacks the easier it gets, and to be fair the more often you do it the easier it gets to plan and prepare. I usually have a bunch of stuff cooked up and frozen so in the morning I can just grab something and go out the door.

The only other lesson I have learned is that this body transformation deal can get expensive, I have like next to no clothes that fit me properly now. I got ready to go out for Dinner and the shirt I wore looked like it belonged to someone twice my size, it fitted my a few months ago, in fact it was snug. A good problem to have I know and I am of course not complaining, but wow its good when it happens.


I’m still reading the Paleo Solution, this book is amazing. Robb Wolf  has a real easy style that allows him to get complex science across in a way that just makes sense to the layman like myself. This coupled with the way his sense of fun and humour comes across in the book makes it an excellent read. I really recommend anyone pick up a copy, even if you don’t care for our meat/no bread eating ways there is a ton of information about the gut, digestion and the processes involved that would be invaluable to anyone seeking to reach their health goals whatever they may be.

That’s all for now folks

3 weeks of fasting done


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