Hitting the Pause Button

‘Listen to your body’

I tell people to do this all the time, but as ever it’s hard to listen to your own advice. during last weeks Obstacle race I took a pretty hard blow to my ribs, I didnt listen to my body and continued on for another 6km to the finish. This I can forgive and understand, adrenaline flowing, I knew it was hurt bad but HAD to finish. On getting home I went to the emergency room and was told to rest it, that even if it was cracked I had done nothing more serious and to take pain Meds for a week or so and let it heal. This coincided with a weeks holiday from work and some planned decorating.

Where I let myself down was not ‘listening to my body’ and trying to workout on Monday morning, fortunately I was in far to much pain to actually do anything and soon stopped. The problem for me is exercise is my release and my medication so again on Wednesday I decided I knew better and tried to do Plyo XT I managed to limp through it until with 10 mins to go I had to stop due to the pain again.

I finally decided that enough was enough and to take the rest of the week off. I even stopped following my strict Paleo diet and Intermittent fasting to allow myself a full rest and enjoy my holiday (except all the painting) I’ve been for a couple of easy runs and a walk up a large hill to watch the Tour of Britain bike race but that was it.


I’ve actually lost 1 pound but have gained some fat %, proof indeed that my diet and exercise regime are working as I’m sure if this trend continued I’d soon be gaining weight as well as the fat.


It’s Monday morning and I’ve just ‘attempted’ another Tapout XT workout, I had to skip some of the exercises and again finished 10 mins from the end, this time I’m going to listen to my body and have to stop with the workouts for another week. This is not good for me at all as I rely on my workouts as my release from everyday stress and pressure. I intend to replace my usual Tapout workouts with some much needed running and that will have to suffice until I am able to complete the workouts and my ribs are fully healed

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