Tapout XT – Month 1 – Review

I’m at the end of week 7/12 at the minute so just over half way and thought I was time I wrote a review.
Week 1
We start with Cross Core Combat and what an introduction, I HIGHLY recommend using a mat for this as there are lots of plank and moving plank moves and carpet burns on your elbows are no joke. CCC finishes with the infamous ‘Grinder’ killer move (all of the Tapout workouts end with a killer move, designed to finish you off) the grinder is one of the toughest and all I can say is you gotta finish it ‘to quit does not exist’ and it will lay the foundation to all your success if you start with this mentality.
The whole of week 1 is about finding your feet really, learning the workouts, the moves, how to use your bands and most of all Mikes fast pace and turnaround from exercise to exercise. Sometimes he forgets to start you off but you soon forget this and just know to start. I try to begin as soon as I understand the exercise and use the first few as a warm up / practice. In the first few weeks it can really pay of to stop and watch what Mike is doing or the other guys on DVD to check your form and make sure your spot on before you increase you speed and intensity.
You should take this time to get into good routines for both your workouts and nutrition as these routines will become habits that will see you through the tough days to come, we all have them so lay the good foundations now that will pay off later.
Week 1 finishes with sprawl & brawl which is a good fun workout to end on. Rest day will be here before you know it and you may not feel like taking it but you really MUST, you’ll pay for it later in the program if you don’t, Mike is a first class, highly experienced and qualified trainer, he didn’t put the rest day in cos he couldn’t be bothered to make up another workout (at least I hope not) he knows what he’s doing so listen to him and take your rest.

Week 2
It’s all about those day 10 photo’s, if you’ve stuck to the program and got your nutrition on track then you will here results by day 10, no your not going to suddenly have a 6 pack where the wasn’t one before but they will be noticeable and should drive you on to keep pushing.
Keep learning the workouts and doing the best you can, if you still struggling with some of the workouts then so what, your still getting off your ass and pressing play everyday, it’s only the second week so you’ve only done any of these DVDs once before, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’

Week 3
By now you should be settling in and really starting to be able to push a bit harder, or pace yourself so that you can finish strong. If you watch any of my videos you’ll see I really build and the sweat really comes in the second half.

Week 4
You’ll be here all too fast and best of all you get 2 new workouts this week. Buns & Guns – not just for the girls, trust me you push hard on this and stairs will be a no go for the rest of the day, you also get Muay Thai striking, kicks and punches it got the lot, a firm favourite of many and I think this is down to you getting to feel like a fighter, or maybe that’s just the big kid in me talking.

And that’s month 1 in the bag, by now you know what your doing the bands have become easier to use and adjust and you will be feeling stronger and fitter.
I can’t say enough how much I love Tapout XT it’s got -in my opinion- the perfect combo of strength, core, and conditioning. Stick to the calendar, eat right (real food please) push as hard as you can, and GET YOUR REST. Modify if you have to, I can’t do every rep in every DVD, and even some I could do last week I can’t this week, listen to your body there is a HUGE difference between muscle aches and muscle/joint pain, if something doesn’t feel right then either your form is wrong (check the DVD, even pause and rewind it to see what good looks like. This will pay off in long run) or your body just isn’t strong enough yet so modify until it is.

That’s it from me for now, I hope you find this helpful.
I’ll write up about month 2 next weekend when I’ve finished it myself 🙂
If your unsure what’s involved in any of the workouts the. Please watch one of my YouTube video’s I show 2-3 of each exercise from each DVD, I’m not saying I do them perfect but I do them ok. My channel is Busy Bee Fitness
Also I recommend joining one of the Facebook support groups, Team XT and Earned with sweat are both excellent and there is also a girls group now, all have a wealth of experience and support available and really help me.


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