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Tray Baked Salmon

Ingredients 1. Salmon Fillets 2. Asparagus 3. Tomatoes 4. Garlic 5. Lemon 6. Olive oil 7. Basil 8. Salt & pepper to taste 9. Pancetta or bacon Method 1. Place all the ingredients except bacon into your baking tray 2.

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Meatless Monday – Week 1

I should subtitle this ‘what do you mean I can’t eat bacon’ Whilst happily eating my cabbage and sprouts last Monday I was feeling a bit proud of myself until realising that the reason was most likely that they were

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The BusyBee Nutrition Plan

What follows is the basic outline if our nutrition plan. This is if course individually tailored to each person but is pretty much where we start with anyone wanting to cut fat or improve their overall health. Influences – standing

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February’s Fitness Challenge – Press-ups

It’s February and its time to work on your Push-ups. By now your probably either thinking “I can’t do a push-up, let alone a challenge”, or ” I can do loads of press-ups, why bother” the point of this challenge

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This is one of my lunch time staples, I eat it straight up if I’m keeping carbs low of simply add coconut rice or sweet potato pasta if I’m not worrying about them. Ingredients 1. 500g Mince meat (or Quorn

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Pan Fried Pears

These are an awesome dessert that are quick to make and delicious. Ingredients 1. Pears 2. Honey (if you like) 3. Ice Cream Method 1. Cut the pears into quarters 2. Place them in a hot griddle pan 3. Turn

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Arm Blaster Workout

Todays workout was a bit of a change from my current Wendler 5/3/1 routine as I fancied something different. I was directed to one of Ez’s workouts from FlexDem TV on YouTube Called 30 min arm blaster The simplicity of this really

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Sweet Potato ‘Pasta’

So first off this isn’t pasta but a bloody gorgeous pasta substitute. It goes great with meat balls or Bolognese which is what I typically have it with. Ingredients 1-2 sweet potatoes Butter/or coconut oil for frying Method 1. Peel

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What is Healthy Food

People often talk about eating clean or eat healthy but what exactly does that mean? It’s so confusing because there are so many versions from the governments ‘low fat’, ‘eat less, exercise more mantra (yeah that seems to be working

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Cajun Chicken Drumsticks

This is ideal for a quick and simple protein rich snack, or as part of a meal. Best of all they are cheap, super easy to do and have added fat burning potential from the spices. Ingredients 1. Chicken drumsticks

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