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Fat Scorcher Workout

Time to get the heart pumping, the muscles aching and the fat dripping off of you. Do 3-5 Rounds as fast as possible depending on fitness level or time. If you don’t have a jump rope then why not?? You

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One Pan Mexican Quinoa

Love me some one Pan cooking (less washing up) This is great either on its own or as a side dish. Whilst this is a vegetarian Recipe it is also great with some meat added or even some king prawns.

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Bodyweight Conditioning Workout

Simple bodyweight Conditioning Set. If your in the gym you can set a bar low for the Inverted Rows, if your lucky enough then use either a TRX or rings, alternatively you can use a VERY sturdy table (at your

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Conditioning Workout

I love these inverse Ladder sessions, where one exercise decreases as the other increases. Perform as many rounds as your able to for a workout or just add it to the end of your regular workout for a bit of

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Chest & Back Workout

Simply pick a weight that you can perform 10 reps with for each of the two exercises. Use this and perform 5 reps of each exercise, alternating between the two with no rest for 10 minutes. Once your 10 minutes

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Be More Good

A simple tip to help you make more positive than negative choices. Everytime you make a positive decision (eat an on plan Meal for example) then simply place a marble in a jar. If however you have a little slip

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Chunky Salsa / Tomato Dip

Same ingredients, two ways to eat. I made some chunky salsa and had too many ingredients so decided to blitz some up to make a tasty tomato Dip too. Some recipes call for the tomato to be skinned and de-seeded

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Lemony Snackett Baked Fish

We have been asked to test some of the upcoming herbs, spices and rubs from our friends at They have a fantastic range currently being tested, the first of which, for us is Lemony Snackett. Method Rub the herbs

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Baked Eggs and Avocado

Awesome way to get some healthy fat and protein. They Warm up in the microwave fine too. Ingredients 1 Avocado 2 small eggs Salt & Pepper Method Halve the avocado and scoop out a little of the flesh to make

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Spinach Omelette

A great way to get extra leafy greens (spinach in this case) into your diet for “free”  as in your already eating the omelette so why not add some in. If like me you struggle with eating enough greens then

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