Lemony Snackett Baked Fish


We have been asked to test some of the upcoming herbs, spices and rubs from our friends at Saucerers.co.uk
They have a fantastic range currently being tested, the first of which, for us is Lemony Snackett.


Rub the herbs over your fish


Wrap in foil to make little parcels and bake in the oven until cooked through

Serve up and enjoy.

Lemony Snackett is a multi purpose blend that can be used on chicken, roasted potatoes (test coming soon) or roasted cashew nuts; anywhere a herby slightly citrusy taste.

It contains: onion, garlic, sage, thyme, Parsley, black pepper, sweet green & red bell Peppers, turmeric, Cornish sea salt, lemon, hibiscus flowers, sumac, lemon myrtle and love.

All I can say is that it tastes absolutely fantastic with just the right blend of lemon and herbs to really enhance the flavour of the fish. I really look forward to trying it on some roasted potato in the near future and once this is available to buy it will be a firm staple in our kitchen.

Check Saucerers out on Facebook to keep up to date on future releases, you won’t be disappointed.

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