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Supplements 2016

I’ve spoken about supplements before and have laid out what exactly I use, however, like all things this had changed to suit my current understanding, training style, goals and of course wallet. My intention is to lay out what I’m

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Lighting the way

As part of my project Ultra training I invariably have to run at night, in fact eventually I will have to race at night. To make this possible I use 2 torches. As you can see I use a Petzl

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22 week Marathon Training Plan

There are many MANY training plans available on the Internet and it took me a long time to find what I was looking for. In the end I took a Basic template and adapted it to suit my own lifestyle

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Virtual 50 Mile Walk/Run

We’ve decided to add a bit of bling to the usual January New year resolution. Therefore this year you will be able to earn yourself a medal by simply walking/running 50 miles in January. This may sound quite daunting, however,

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