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Pulse Pre-workout Review

I was recently approached by the guys at Legion Athletics to test and review their Pulse Pre-workout. So here goes Service & Shipping First off I’d like to start by discussing their excellent customer service. I had plenty of correspondence

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Supplements 2016

I’ve spoken about supplements before and have laid out what exactly I use, however, like all things this had changed to suit my current understanding, training style, goals and of course wallet. My intention is to lay out what I’m

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30 Day Kickstart Challenge

Start the day right. Wash a multi Vitamin and Omega 3 tablet down with some lemon juice in water every morning for 30 days and you’ll be amazed at how great you feel from this one small change. As usual

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BCAA Amino Gro Review

I have once again been asked to sample and review a product by USN, this time it was for their BCAA Amino-Gro. People who follow our work will know that whilst BCAA’s are a “nice to” supplement, I’d consider them

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USN Whey Protein

I have been kindly asked by USN to review their protein powder. In particular their Whey Protein Premium. Service & Delivery First impressions count and the level of service and speed of delivery (next day) was beyond reproach. I can’t

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Pre-Jym Review

Firstly I’d like to state that I have not been approached or asked in any way to carry out this review, this one is purely because I chose to try the product after recommendations from a trusted friend and after

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Go Nutrition -iBCAA Review

Once again I have been approached by a company to review one of their products. This time it was Go Nutritions iBCAA offering. First off let’s explore exactly what BCAA’s are. Now I was going to give you a big

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I have been approached by Pro-10 to review their protein and shakers, so here it is. I received a shaker, Protein powder and 2x Weight Gainers. My first point is the level of service and speed of delivery that I experienced

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I’ve been getting more and more questions regarding supplements, especially what to take and when to take them. I’m going to address this from my usual cost/benefit angle rather than saying take ALL of these and spend £100’s per month.

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Whey Protein 90 review

I now use The Protein Works exclusively for my protein and supplement requirements, my regular protein of choice is their Whey Protein 90 (isolate). They do a wide variety of proteins but I find this to be a good compromise

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