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More budget recipes Ingredients Mince £1.75 (reduced) Peppers 75p Onions 50p Tomatoes 75p Purée 20p Herbs, mustard powder, Worcestershire sauce 50p Spinach (optional) 50p Total – £4.95 4 servings @ £1.24 each Method -Fry off mince -Chop up onions and

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30day Kickstart

Want to regain your love of food?  Feel better than ever? Lose weight and keep it off? Fed up with yoyo dieting? Counting calories, points, macros? Then join our 30day Kickstart program and say goodbye to that unwanted fat and

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Baby Steps to Health

Following on from my recent Nutrition plan post, I was listening to the Paleo solution podcast where Robb Wolf talked about the slightly different angle himself and Mark Sisson take with people starting out. I had also been discussing the

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Carb Backloading – 2 week update

It’s coming up to my second week following the Carb Backloading (CBL) protocol and I thought I’d share my findings so far. Firstly let me state that it is far to early days to make any great claims about results

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Carb BackLoading – The Journey Begins

As people who know me will know I try to follow a Primal style of eating and have in recent months adopted Intermittent Fasting (IF) with some decent results. After hearing about carb backloading (CBL) my natural curiosity and inner

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52 Flavours

For 2013 we have decided to set a special year long nutrition challenge. The title of the post may give some clues. It’s all about diversifying your taste buds and expanding your horizons. It’s all too easy to get set

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