Super Foods

We here a lot about “superfoods” and to be quite frank, generally they are all a load of rubbish.
Were our ancestors leaner and healthier because of their high levels of raspberry ketones or goji berries? No, they just ate healthy real food as found in nature.
So why am I talking about superfoods if I think it’s all BS?
All foods are not created equally so yes some are “superfoods” but these can’t be bottled and marketed so no body really tells you about them.
Here’s my own run down of the BusyBee Super Foods

Leafy Green Vegetables
These are like the king of all foods. A huge portion of your food (by quantity) would ideally be made up of leafy green vegetables. The darker the better. These are satiating, full of phyto-chemicals, micro-nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. We should try to get a wide variety of leafy green veggies so as to increase the variety of these nutrients.

Onions, leeks, garlic, chives
These have strong anti inflammatory properties coming from the quercetin that may help people with inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. Garlic also contains the antioxidant Allicin which may help with lowering blood pressure.

Mushrooms contain some of the most potent natural medicines on the planet.
There are approximately 140,000 species of mushrooms and science is familiar with only 10%
As a defense against bacterial invasion, fungi have developed strong antibiotics, which also happen to be effective for humans. Penicillin, streptomycin, and tetracycline all come from fungal extracts.
Eating mushrooms can help to improve our immune function.

Colourful Vegetables
When I say colourful I mean all the way through colour, not just the skin.
This is the part where variety really is the spice of life, the wider variety of colours and shade you can have the better. This way you get a much wider array of phyto-chemicals and micro-nutrients which is what we are after.
Generally the darker the shade the better but don’t stress about this unduly.
Don’t forget white either as some of the most nutrient dense veggies are white.

Herbs & Spices
Aside from many proven health benefits of various herbs and spices, of which there are many, these little flavour bombs will save you from otherwise bland or sometimes boring diet. I’m not suggesting you do this but you could have chicken everynight for weeks and it never taste the same by simply using herbs and spices.

It’s all in the dose
The vast majority of your food should come from these foods, I would suggest that for most of us no matter how much of these foods we already eat, we could stand to eat more. 10-12 portions or more a day would be great. At least 3/4 of your plate or more should be made up of them, after that the final quarter is up to you, your beliefs or goals. Mine comes from grass fed or open range meats and poultry and wild caught fish.

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