Dietary Groups United

Kind of a follow on from my previous post Nutrition – Where to Start to often different dietary groups argue about the differences in their approaches rather than focusing on our similarities. By doing this we are diluting what would otherwise be a very strong and compelling argument that could have a huge impact on the health and weight of our nations.
In particular I’m referring to the real food movements -Vegans, Paleo, Primal,Weston A Price – but this applies to everyone in the industry really.
Yes we disagree about meat, grains, dairy, types of fat even starchy vegetables at times but we all agree on so much more.
No body could disagree that the vast majority of of food should come from vegetables and especially green vegetables. Not one group sees processed and refined foods as a good thing and actively discourages their consumption. To my knowledge we all agree that white flour, cakes and bread are far from advantageous (tasty yes but far from healthy)

So come on now let’s stop arguing about who’s the most right (in my opinion we are all right) and get people back to eating real food not the processed refined food like products that is the current staple. Once people are feeling better and we have reversed the current obesity trends then maybe we can start focusing on the minutia details.
I for one have no issue with people choosing to eat grains, or not eating animal products if it means they are focusing on the bigger picture and getting healthier than the vast majority of our nation. After all obesity and it’s related ills are going to bankrupt us and it’s down to us to change it because it doesn’t seem like our government’s are going to do the right thing anytime soon.

A Shared Message
~Base your meals around vegetables, at least 3/4 of your food
~Remove refined and processed foods as much as possible.
~Focus on single ingredient foods.
~If you wish to eat meat/fish then focus on quality, sustainability and welfare (grass fed, wild caught, free range)

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