30 Day Kickstart Challenge


Start the day right.
Wash a multi Vitamin and Omega 3 tablet down with some lemon juice in water every morning for 30 days and you’ll be amazed at how great you feel from this one small change.
As usual I buy all of my supplements from The Protein Works
Use my referral code CW231 and you’ll receive some free protein with your first £10+ order.

I recommend these products for this challenge
Multi Vitamin x 60 – £6.99
Elite Men x 30 -£6.99
Elite Women x 60 – £6.99
Omega 3 – 90 – £5.29
Ultra Omega 3 – 90 – £7.99

Contact us carl@busybeefitness.com  to find out how our precision nutrition coach can help you achieve your goals.

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