I’ve been getting more and more questions regarding supplements, especially what to take and when to take them.
I’m going to address this from my usual cost/benefit angle rather than saying take ALL of these and spend £100’s per month. There are plenty of things I’d recommend given the money but they don’t give enough ‘bang for your buck’ especially if you don’t have the ‘buck’ to spend in the first place.

You can of course buy your supplements from anywhere you wish but for me I buy all of my supplements from The Protein Works I have absolutely NO affiliation with them so this is purely from the heart, they make fantastic product, in Amazing natural flavours and at a fantastic price. I do have a referral code CW231 which will give you 250g of free protein if you spend over £10 on your first order.

Shopping List
1. Whey Protein Isolate
2. Casein protein
3. Maltodextrine
4. Dextrose
5. Creatine
6. Omega 3
7. Multi Vitamin
8. Caffeine

This may seem a lot but if you buy the bigger bulk bags, especially in the creatine, dextrose, and maltodextrine they are very cheap and last you for weeks.
I treat these like ingredients then and tailor my shakes to suit, here follows an example of how I’d recommend using them.

Pre-Workout approx 30 mins before a workout
25g Whey Protein
1 scoop of creatine
200mg Caffeine

Post-Workout/Recovery anytime up to about 30mins after finishing a workout
25g Whey
25g Casein
25g Maltodextrine
25g Dextrose
1 scoop of creatine
200mg Caffeine

Snack any time you need to boost you protein consumption have a half scoop of whey and a half scoop of casein.

Take the Multi-Vit as directed and 1g of Omega3, 3 times a day with main meals.

That’s it really, I don’t take anything else (I’ve tried a lot if other stuff) as these are the things that work, and most importantly are cost effective. There are other things that’d I’d suggest I’d you had the money but that’s all down to your choices, which I’d be happy to discuss with you via our Facebook page

That’s all for now
Stay Happy, and remember Supplements are meant to be exactly that, a supplement to an already healthy diet, they are not a magic pill/potion and should NOT be used as a replacement for real healthy nutritious food.



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