Mini Egg Muffins

These can be enjoyed warm or cold and make a great addition to a lunch box for work, helping you get those vital protein grams in and a nice range of healthy fats as well as Vitamin D.
They are essentially just mini omelettes but I like the way they cook up in muffin trays. As they are omelettes you can add any fillings you like on your favourite omelette.

1. Whisk up 3 eggs, season to taste and pour into pre-heated muffin tray
2. Chop/grate your other ingredients, I like cheese and spring onion but its completely up to you
3. Add ingredients to each muffin. I do it separately like this so I get an even mix of fillings in each muffin.
4. Place in oven at 200•c until they have risen up and cooked through.

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