A lot people have been asking me what supplements I take or recommend. I have tested and tried a lot of different stuff to see what works (for me) and so I can hang my hat on it a truly recommend it. So here goes..


  • A good multi vitamin
  • Omega 3 oil
  • Glucosamine


For me its all about My Protein True Whey it tastes great, mixes well and most importantly costs about 36p per serving (for 20g of high quality protein I don’t think it can be beaten)

other than this I have tried and very much like Kinetica Whey Protein, I purchased this from Cardiff Sports Nutrition, they are fantastic and SUPER knowledgable, if you need anything I highly recommend you give them a call.

For Night time Casein protein I’m still researching what I like, so stay posted.


There are many different ones out there but I just go for cheap and cheerful Creatine Monohydrate I got mine from MyProtein again but any will do. I just add it to my post workout drink.


These I only recommend for people wanting to add real size and muscle and again I have to go with My Protein Instant oats. These should be taken immediately post workout mixed with your protein shake.


For me the jury is still out on these as such I dont feel confident to recommend any at the minute. However this may change in the near future.

I  do not make any money from and am in no way affiliated to MyProtein I just love their products and especially their prices. If you do choose to buy from them however please use my Referal Code to get 5% off and yes I get some extra loyalty points its : MP536822

I am also not linked to CSN I just use them and love their amazing service and fast delivery.

So how to take them you ask??

Weight Loss

3 Whey Protein shakes a day, 1 post workout (within 20mins of finishing) and 2 as snacks at around 10am and 3pm

Creatine in your post-workout shake

and omega 3, Multi-Vit and Glucosamine in the morning with breakfast

Weight/Muscle Gain

All the same except add the instant oats (not suitable for paleo diet, have to eat sweet potatoes in this case) into you post-workout shake for that added Kcals and replenishment of muscle glycogen.

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