Intermittent Fasting – an experiment

I have been following the paleo/primal eating styles for a number of months now, with some slips and experimenting but am pretty consistent with its tenants 80-90%. My most notable exception is dairy in the form of whey protein shakes in milk and an un-sweetened Latte most mornings. I rarely eat bread or pasta, never eat cereal crops and occasionally have legumes in chilli etc.

So where now, whilst I’m more than happy with the way my results and body comp are moving I have been toying with the idea of intermittent fasting (IF) almost since I have been learning about the paleo lifestyle. What’s stopped me is my lack of understanding and Robb Wolf’s recommendation to not try fasting until you’ve got all your other factors in place.

Following from a realisation that I no longer even worry or particularly think about what or when to eat. I just eat what I want (following paleo guideline) when im hungry. a number of facebook friends in ‘team immortal’ and the recent T.V. Programme in the UK on IF, have all lead me to make the decision to give IF a try.

Having researched various types of IF, most notably the alternate day, 5/2 and the reduced eating window styles and having a settled on the reduced eating window for a number of reasons. 1. It fits with my lifestyle 2. It’s only really an extension of how I eat now, just a bit more regimented 3. I am currently completing the Tapout XT workout program with sometime HiiT sessions 4. Not eating for a whole day seems a bit to much like hell to me.

The protocol I plan to follow will be an 18:6, so 18 hours of fasting followed by 6 hours of eating. The vast majority of my calories will come at the start of the eating window, with another reasonable chunk at the end. So timing….. I usually wake up around 5-6am and workout, I will then go until 1pm with nothing more than a black coffee, no more latte 😦 At 1pm I will eat my usual lunch only supersized to make up for the lack of breakfast, then during the afternoon I will eat a couple of snacks and 1-2 protein shakes. Dinner will be at around 6-7pm which will close my eating window until the following lunch.

That’s the basics, I intend to report on my progress along with the science behind IF as I go along. With 60 days more to go on my current round of Tapout XT, I will use this to gauge results in how I look, feel and perform as at the minute even 1 day of bad eating is enough to effect my performance to a level where I can notice so feel these will be easily reported on. After all, outside of medical markers all we really want is to look, feel and perform better.

That’s all for now….

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