Fasting Day 1 & 2

So I’ve made it through 2 days of my 18hr fasting and I have to say it’s gone ok.

Day 1

I had eaten Burger and chips (fries) for my dinner the night before and during my Tapout XT – Sprawl & Brawl workout I ran out of energy about 2/3’s of the way through the workout. I completed it but not with the same level of intensity I usually bring. This was the defining moment for me to commit to this fasting trial, and so it began.

With the poor start nutritionally I must say I did get hungry around 12 noon and that last hour was a struggle, but man oh man did I enjoy my Lunch of Minced turkey and slow cooked veg. Until that point I had only had a black coffee (in place of my usual large Latte) and some BCAA’s powdered in my water along with a couple of cups of green tea.

Dinner consisted of Tuna mayo on Jacket potato with a goats cheese and pear salad. Mmmmmm

Day 2

Woke up super refreshed and raring to go for Cardio XT, this is one of the most calorific burning workouts I’ve ever done, I absolutely SMASHED it, best I’ve done yet. I was still firing right up to the end, I dont think for a second this could be down to the IF, but I do believe its because I had eaten correctly the day before and not had a Dinner full of refined carbs.

During the morning at work I had a few moments of hunger pangs but nothing that made me want to give in and having relied on my large black coffee and BCAA’s in plenty of water (typically about 4 pints in the a.m) I broke the fast with more minced Turkey (I had made a LOT) and sweet potatoes. Fortunately today I had remembered my shaker so was able to have a couple of protein shakes. Dinner was Pork chops, potaotoes and various Veg. I love eating Cave-man style. Protein shake at 19:00 to close the window and that about brings me to typing this.

That it for now, I’ve been reading ‘Good calories, Bad Calories’ by Gary Taubes so not had much time to research anything more than I have so far. Although I have been reading a bit of Mark Sissons blog posts on IF to try to get a bit more knowledge and details for my own journey.

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