Fasting Week 1

So I’m a week into my Intermittent Fasting (IF) and its been a bit of a rollercoaster ride. I was going great guns and right up until Thursday where I’d actually gone 19hrs in the fast because I just wasnt hungry, then I surcumbed to the dreaded processed Carbs on Thursday evening, this lead to me waking on Friday with a ravenous hunger that just wouldn’t subside, I realised my mistake and just weathered the hunger until 1pm when I returned to nutrition as normal (paleo) to be fair this really didn’t help with the hunger and I ate a LOT more than usual.

This showed me in real terms the effect these processed carbs have on me and has made it easier for me to resist them since.

Other than this all is going well, I feel great, dont get hungry or even think about eating during the fast and have been getting loads of BCAA in during the morning period post exercise in line with the Lean Gains protocol and this seems to be all I need, well that and my morning black coffee.

Another thing I am loving with this IF protocol is my lack of ‘cheating’ apart from that notable slip I have found it really easy to stick too and have not cheated on my food once, I think this is in no small part to the fact that I only have to ‘resist’ temptation for 6 hours rather than the usual 10-12 hours, once my eating window has closed and I’ve had my Casein protein shake thats it for me no more eating so no more resisting those evening chocolate or crisps or other poor snack choices. I even went to the Chip Shop for the bride and wasn’t even tempted a little bit (i’d have normally indulged)

In Conclusion its been a good week and I’m really looking forward to continuing this trial and further tightening down on my adhearance.

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