Fasting Week 2

So here we are the end of week 2, what have I learned? Well mostly that it gets easier and easier to stick with the program the more you do it, I’ve really settled into a routine and I for one like it. Continuing on in my ‘listening to my body’ style I have ditched the morning coffee in favour of and extra BCAA drink, this is for no deep reason other than its what I feel like drinking on the way to work and I just don’t fancy a coffee (the body knows what it wants/needs) On Saturday I tried extending my fasting with not so good results, I didn’t eat until 17:00 by which time I’d have eaten anything put in front of me, never a good thing when you work in a store full of bad food choices and very few good ones, I ended up eating into the evening and although I chose to eat some corn chips (I generally cheat on a weekend) I mixed this with some tasty home made Mexican style salsa so not all bad. Lesson learned for me is to stick with what’s working now and see it through, so no more trying something different. I’ve been trying to use Keto-stix but with not so good results, ok no results. Upon some research I found that not everyone responds the same (a recurring theme in all my current research) and it could be that I just don’t produce an excess of ketones and so won’t get results on Keto-stix, I’m not overly worried was just seeing what they did.


On Friday I was not ‘feeling’ my results and wasn’t liking what I was seeing in the mirror, it just wasn’t happening fast enough. I knew this was stupid but it goes to show it happens to everyone. On Saturday I decided to jump on the scales, I’m down to my Tapout XT day 10 weight fully hydrated and my body fat has dropped to 13.7%, I was around 25% at the start of the year and targeted getting to 15% by the end of the year, guess I need to change that goal. So all in all what can I say other than I’m happy with that, no I’m ECSTATIC with that. I feel full, rarely go hungry (when I am it’s usually because I over did the carbs) I love the food I get to eat and by now really don’t miss the food I can’t, I know I’m getting healthier by the day and leaner, what’s not to love!!!

Research & Learning

So I’ve finished reading (listening to) Good calories, bad calories by Gary Taubes and it has further reinforced my understanding and resolve to continue with my current path of Paleo/Primal eating with -for the short term- intermittent fasting. I’m now reading the Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf as well as listening to the podcast by the same name, as well as Latest in Paleo, and cut the fat podcast. I have become quite (some may say overly) passionate about this now and really genuinely believe that our health has been sold for a profit. No one outside of the paleo community seems intent on researching this or spreading the word, but then there is no money to be made by telling you that you could dramatically improve your health by removing certain unneeded and let’s face it nutritionally devoid foods. Observationally I have been fascinated by the way my 1yr old daughter Bizzy eats, or more to the point chooses what to eat, following my own beliefs and those of my partner we have baby led weaned (BLW) so in essence given her the same food as us, plonked it on a tray in front of her and let her get on with it. It’s amazing now watching her as she picks out the stuff she like (it’s all generally healthy stuff) the most interesting thing is the foods she leaves, only yesterday when faced with a ham salad sandwich she proceeded to open the sandwich, eat all the meat and salad and leave the bread untouched, she then scoffed her fruit with wanton abandon 🙂 she also left sweet corn yet picked the sweet potato and fish from amongst it. Having read Gary Taubes book and the bit where rats will favour nutrient rich (glucose) water over identical tasting sweetened water it makes me wonder if her little body has already worked out what’s good for her. Or it could be that she much prefers flavoursome food and lets face it bread is not. This isn’t a single occurrence either, she will repeatedly choose ‘paleo’ foods over non paleo, with absolutely no promoting at all, it is after all placed in front of her for her to eat or leave. One things for sure I will not be forcing her to eat anything she doesn’t want to, it’s not like she’s saving herself for cake like a lot of modern kids.

that all for now, talk again soon




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