The 30 Day Diet challenge

Basically this is the Paleo diet or Atkins Diet

The intention is for you to do this for 30 days to break your addiction to Processed carbs and bread in particular. Why 30 days? well it takes 28 to form a habit so we need to get you out of the habit of eating these obesegenic foods.

Don’t think your addicted to Bread? then it wont be a problem to give it up will it ;p

So what can you eat?

As Much as you want:

Meat, Fish, Poultry, Game, Leafy green vegetables, and any non-starchy Vegetables, nuts, seeds, healthy fats (olive oil, animal fat, coconut oil, Butter -I suggest kerrygold as this comes from grass fed cows)

In Moderation

Fruit (1 a day), potatoes & sweet potatoes (these are good for within 20 mins of working out), Dairy (for some this is a problem food but for others its not, take it out if you can then see if it helps)

Avoid at ALL costs

Bread, Rice,Cereal, Quinoa, and any products containing flour, grains, cereal, or gluten, any seed oils (sunflower, rapeseed etc)

Like I said this is a 30 day plan, then we can look at a more long term plan that will slowly reintroduce some of the ‘moderation’ foods back to see what individual tollerance is to carbs and dairy

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