Turkey Stew

Eating on a budget

Diced Turkey Thigh – £1.25 (reduced)
1/2 Bag Carrots – 30p
Parsnips – 30p
Mushrooms – 50p
4 cabbage leaves – 15p
Leek – £1
1/2 Swede – 35p
Sprouts – 50p
Stock cubes – 33p
Pantry items -50p

Total £5.18
5 portions = £1.05

Brown the Turkey (you could use any meat)
Add in all the remaining ingredients, cover with boiling water, cover and simmer until cooked through.

I used a leek which is quite expensive so you could leave that out and use an onion.
I didn’t use potatoes in this as I want to be able to eat them for lunches which are typically lower carb on our plans, but these are super cheap and easily added.


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