Injury – Rest, Reflect, Reset

Injury!! It happens to us all at some point in our lives, it’s not always from training but if you are carrying any type of injury it’s going to effect your training in some way. For us at BusyBee it’s a time for the 3 R’s
The most important thing to do when your injured is seek medical advice and do as your told, otherwise a small nagging injury can very quickly lead to a much bigger problem. ‘Better to lose the Battle but win the war’, ‘ a stitch in time saves nine’ you get the point.
More often than not you will be told to stop training, which to many of us is like travelling through the nine levels of hell, however, all is not lost. Take this time for some active recovery, let your body enjoy the break, I know it’s hard to not train especially if your used to 5-6 days a week but your body will enjoy the rest. Go for some nice walks with the family (so long as its not a leg/foot injury) spend time with the family and just generally unwind. The point is the less stress you put on your body the more it can focus on repairing the damaged bits and the sooner you’ll be back to full strength. You could also look into meditation or other forms of healing, if that sort of thing floats your boat then why not spend some of the time you would have been at the gym learning how powerful it can be. The body follows where the mind leads.
Injury time is a good time to reflect on your current programming, especially if it may have caused the injury, study the correct form for all of the exercises you perform and make sure you know all the coaching points. Visualisation is an incredible powerful tool and just reading about the correct form or watching YouTube clips and visualising yourself doing the move and focusing on all of the coaching tips will honestly improve your form when your back in the gym. You may or may not believe in all that kind of stuff but well prifessionsl athletes like Michael Jordan use it and it seemed to work out for him.
Now would also be a good time to focus on your nutrition, you can’t train but how many times have you heard people say ‘it’s 20% gym, 80% nutrition’ so get your nutrition dialled in. I struggle with this as my training drives my nutrition but this is no time for excuses. If your going to be sidelined for more than a few days and you don’t want to ruin all those hard earned results then you damn sure want to get your nutrition right. Remember if your not training then you won’t need the same calories or macro ratios as you did whilst training so bear that in mind as its very easy to keep eating the way you were and quickly gain a lot of fat.
Once your fully recovered and ready to return to training then it’s a great time to reset or just reaffirm your goals. Take new starting pics and measurements, treat it like new years day, a fresh new start. This isn’t to say you need to start again, you could be merely picking up where you left off, but If you rested and reflected like we’ve said then you should be running on a full tank and you will also quite often find that all those little nagging complaints and knock that you didn’t really notice are all gone, your muscles will be fresh, your mind rejuvenated and you should be firing on all cylinders. Remember to ease your way back in maybe with a slightly easier week first just to get your body and mind back in the game, after all you don’t want another injury.

So next time your injured don’t look at it as a negative (I know it’s never good) but look at what you can do to come back stronger and better prepared than ever.


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