Taking the Good with the Bad

Day 1 of my Wendler 5/3/1 Boring But Big Challenge and well to quote Football (Soccer to our American Cousins) “it’s been a game of 2 halfs”

The Good
I got up had morning coffee with added coconut oil and whey isolate, then some time later I had my pre-workout shake (less the MCT oil as I think it’s making my gut hurt) and headed to the gym.
The lifting program was awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I super-setted the curls/tricep press-downs to reduce time and increase fat burning potential.
Had my post-workout shake as per CBL book and all was good with the world.

The Bad
That’s kind of where it all started to go wrong, well actually less right than wrong.
I have committed to joining Meatless Monday every week but unfortunately we ate out and I was pretty much faced with 2 choices 1. Keep to meatless Monday but fail on the Carb Backloading or 2. Keep to CBL and fail at meatless Monday. I decided on the latter mostly because I felt that this was more in keeping with my long term goals (sorry Neil, and all the other Veggies)
If that wasn’t bad enough as a compromise to meatless Monday I’d agreed to have a veggie pasta meal for dinner and it was already purchased, again I’d decided to compromise my paleo nutrition in favour of a veggie meal and family harmony. However I’d already managed to forgo the Meatless Monday and now I’d compromised my paleo lifestyle and pasta is not really optimal for CBL either, so I seemed to be failing on all avenues.

Some Positives
Part of my initial goals are to get my calorie count up. I don’t track calories or macros but know instinctively that for a mass gain protocol I do not consume nearly enough. Although I’ve forgone my lifestyle goals I have managed to keep my nutrition within decent parameter and have managed to increase the quantity of food consumed which will pay off in the long run. I also managed to chug down my 2 litres of whole milk so there’s another 1000+ calories in the tank along with all the growth promoting goodies it contains.

In nutrition we are often faced with decisions and these are very rarely black or white decisions, there are many shades of grey (not the book) with so much research and differing of opinions it’s sometimes hard to navigate.
So long as you make more better choices than worse ones (bad English I know) then you will continue to move along the right path. Remember one bad meal does not make you fat or unhealthy, it’s the culmination of many bad meals over weeks, months and years that do.

Final Conclusion
Weights lifted, food consumed. Today I moved closer to my ‘Get Big & Strong’ goal, life is good


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