3 Months to Getting BIG

My own training this year has, and will continue to focus on size and strength. My lifting protocol for the first 6 months of the year is going to be Jim Wendler’ 5/3/1 as I have stated in previous posts. The beauty of 5/3/1 for me is the adaptability of the assistance work, until this week I have been following the basic Boring But Big (BBB) or 5×10 assistance template and it has served me well, however, my good friend Simon Gittins off of The Workouts (check them out, an awesome resource) fired over a link to a different BBB plan from Jim Wendler himself, it still centres around the 5×10 ideology but changed about to help with both size and strength gains, and is a 3 month plan, click here to read about it for yourself.
Suitably excited I have jumped on board and will be starting it this week along with Simon and a few others from the Facebook support group Team Immortal (an amazing group, full of people of all abilities, from all different backgrounds who all support and encourage each other to health and fitness)
A big part of this challenge is the nutrition, most notably the high calorie requirements to support the volume of training. For this I intend to continue with the Carb Backloading protocols for the 3 weeks of main lifting, however, I will switch this a week of Ultra Low Carb (ULC) for the 4th De-load week. The reason for this being that the volume of training is not sufficient to support the volume of carbs for me personally.
I have laid this all out in the picture below to help simplify all of this.
Along with the pre and post workout shakes detailed in the Carb Backloading book, I will also be supplementing with omega 3, Vitamin D, and ZMA. Whilst not a supplement as such I also intend to drink 4 pints of whole milk during CBL nights with the sole intention of increasing calories consumed whilst keeping it within real food guidelines and very affordable.

That’s it, the plan is set. 3 months of lifting Big, Eating Big, thinking Big and getting Big.



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