I’m going to need a bigger wok.
This was a quick and easy Stir-fry I knocked up using some left over chicken and Pork from the freezer. I used the pre made stir fry pack from the supermarket to save both time and money then bulked it out with Beansprouts. Added in some Cavolo Nero cabbage to add even more leafy green goodness.

400g chicken and Pork (£3)
Stir fry pack (99p)
Beansprouts (49p)
Cavolo Nero cabbage (20p)
Tbsp Soy Sauce (not great but only use a little so not worth stressing over)

Total cost £4.70
6 servings = 80p per serving



Fry off the meat until sealed

Add rest of ingredients and fry.

Portion out and freeze

It’s that easy.

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