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Mini Tomato Pizza

These make a tasty little snack or would be great fun to make with the kids. 1. Slice the sides off a beef tomato. I got 3 off mine 2. Scoop out the seeds to make a bowl 3. Add

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Ladies, Hormones & Low Carb

There is a lot of talk at the minute about Carb Backloading and Carb Nite, from myself and a lot of other trainers as well as people on fitness forums. I see a lot of talk about lack of carbs

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Tuna Mayo Melts

Ingredients • Beef Tomato • Tin Tuna • Mayo • Spring onion • Cheese Method 1. Slice the Tomato to roughly 1cm thick 2. Chop the spring onion and mix in a bowl with the tuna and mayo, season to

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Easy High Protein Dessert

This has got to be the easiest dessert/Snack to make ever. Ingredients 1. Greek Yogurt (full or low fat) 2. 25g Protein Powder 3. Spoon & Bowl Method 1. Place yogurt & Powder in a bowl 2. Mix it up

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Tray Baked Salmon

Ingredients 1. Salmon Fillets 2. Asparagus 3. Tomatoes 4. Garlic 5. Lemon 6. Olive oil 7. Basil 8. Salt & pepper to taste 9. Pancetta or bacon Method 1. Place all the ingredients except bacon into your baking tray 2.

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This is one of my lunch time staples, I eat it straight up if I’m keeping carbs low of simply add coconut rice or sweet potato pasta if I’m not worrying about them. Ingredients 1. 500g Mince meat (or Quorn

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