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I have been approached by Pro-10 to review their protein and shakers, so here it is. I received a shaker, Protein powder and 2x Weight Gainers. My first point is the level of service and speed of delivery that I experienced

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300 Challenge

Here’s a challenge I wrote at the request of a few of our Facebook followers. Simply complete the stated number of reps each day. As it gets harder I’d suggest breaking it into smaller chunks throughout the day. Remember to

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Change of Direction

At the start of the year I set myself the goals of simply getting stronger and smarter. Since then any one following my posts will know that is the direction I’ve been moving in. However a recent Facebook post by

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Throwing out the Rulebook

As I move into month 2 of the Wendler 5/3/1 Boring But Big challenge it is with mixed emotions. Any of you who have read of followed my journey will know that I have been following the Carb Backloading (CBL)

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Roasted Veggies w/Bacon

This recipe is Super simple but extra tasty. Just chop up you veggies so they are all roughly the same size. I used carrots, parsnip, broccoli and leeks today but you can use most any veggies you fancy. Season to

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CBL – Beginners guide

So you want to do Carb Backloading, well first of all let me express that this is going to be a cliff notes version and there is a wealth more information in the CBL book that you will require to

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Tuna Mayo Melts

Ingredients • Beef Tomato • Tin Tuna • Mayo • Spring onion • Cheese Method 1. Slice the Tomato to roughly 1cm thick 2. Chop the spring onion and mix in a bowl with the tuna and mayo, season to

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March to Health

As winter turns to spring it’s time for us to come out of hibernation and head outside. Now don’t worry we don’t want you to go marathon running but merely for a 30 minute walk everyday during March. That’s EVERYDAY,

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Maxx Barbell Gel Pad

The purpose of this is simply to protect your neck and shoulders from the bar whilst squatting. Much like this I have used a similar item at a gym but that was just foam with a vinyl wrap, this one

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Taking the Good with the Bad

Day 1 of my Wendler 5/3/1 Boring But Big Challenge and well to quote Football (Soccer to our American Cousins) “it’s been a game of 2 halfs” The Good I got up had morning coffee with added coconut oil and

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