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Abs of STEEL Workout

Do 10 of each exercise for 10 rounds for a total of 500 reps Iron mans are like supermans except with your hands pointing backwards (think ironman flying) Contact us carl@busybeefitness.comĀ  to find out how our precision nutrition coach can

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Legs 1000

Another 1000 rep challenge. All legs this one, with 500m of running and 500 reps of various Squats. This will burn and those runs will be hell, it’s planned like that. Try to push through and make those runs as

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Grinder 1000 Workout

1000 long grinding reps. Just do each exercise 100 times before moving on to the next exercise.. Less experienced exercisers could do 20 of each or 50 of each for a total of 200 or 500 reps respectively.

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Mini Workout – 23/04/15

I’ve written two versions, 1 for gym and 1 for home. Choose your poison. Above is the gym variant and below the bodyweight.

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Kettlebell Pyramid Workout #2

Another one for the gym. If you don’t have access to Kettlebells then use a dumbbell as in this video. This was from a different workout but shows the technique. Do 10 of each at the designated weight, or adjust

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Push Me/Pull You Workout

Push/Pull Here’s a gym based push and pull workout. I try to incorperate at least as much pulling as pushing movements into our plans. It’s all about balance. Perform each couplet as a superset (no rest) then rest 1min before

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Bodyweight 500 Workout

Quick Bodyweight Blast Do each exercise in turn for 10 Rounds (500reps total) with no or little rest. Alternatively you could set a timer for how ever long you wish 5, 10, 15 mins or more and do As Many

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HiiT the Stairs Workout

All you need are a set of stairs. Ideally around 10, however, if you have more or less then adjust the sets accordingly. You can also adjust the sets to suit your fitness level. Video instructions can be found here

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Upper Body Workout #1

As it says if your unable to do around 5-10 pull-ups then do lat pull-down instead. For the bench press you want at least 15 for the first set so set the weight accordingly.

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Protected: Bodyweight – No Equipment – Workouts – Month 1

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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