30day Kickstart

Our 30day Kickstart plan is a science based nutrition plan that is designed to help you effortlessly melt away those pounds of unwanted fat.

You’ll never be hungry, in fact one of our biggest complaints from our new clients is that they are “can’t possibly lose weight eating this much food”, of course they are inevitably wrong and soon learn to trust in the plan.

All of our Nutrition plans are tailored to your tastes, lifestyle and of course your goals by our Precision Nutrition certified coach.

Precision Nutrition  have helped 30,000 men and women lose over 450,000 pounds of body fat and lead healthier lives. 

With the Kickstart we literally show you what to eat and when, don’t worry though because you will like all of the food, otherwise we’ll change it.

Over the course of the 30 days we aim to show you how simple weight loss can be and how tasty and easy to prepare healthy food can be.

We don’t stop at just meal plans however, as we also include membership to our exclusive online support group, aswell as virtual 24/7 coaching to your own nutrition coach.

Wait… That not all, we also give you a choice of either, gym or home based workouts using either equipment, weight or even just your body to give you those accelerated results.

All of this for just £40 is quite simply one of the best value plans we’ve ever offered.

That’s £40 for 4 weeks of fun, tasty and sustainable weight loss.

Please feel free to contact us via any if our social media sites or email Carl@busybeefitness.com for more information



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