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Push Me/Pull You Workout

Push/Pull Here’s a gym based push and pull workout. I try to incorperate at least as much pulling as pushing movements into our plans. It’s all about balance. Perform each couplet as a superset (no rest) then rest 1min before

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Bodyweight 500 Workout

Quick Bodyweight Blast Do each exercise in turn for 10 Rounds (500reps total) with no or little rest. Alternatively you could set a timer for how ever long you wish 5, 10, 15 mins or more and do As Many

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Preparation is Key

A great way to get your nutrition in track is to focus on the preparation. There are numerous reasons for this which I will now try to elaborate on, followed by a couple of strategies you can use to make

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2 Ingredient Ice-cream

You could call this one ingredient Ice-cream if you wanted Banana flavour, and there I’ve let the cat out of the bag already. The key ingredient to this is Frozen Banana slices. Just think now you can enjoy your Ice-cream

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Blueberry/Banana Pancakes

These are made in exactly the same way as our Banana Pancakes but with the addition of a small handful of frozen Blueberries (you could use fresh if you have them) Here is the video of the banana pancakes.

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Homemade Burgers

You’ll never buy burgers again. Ingredients 500g Minced Beef 1/2 onion 1 Egg Tsp Mustard Powder Salt & Pepper Method Whizz up half an onion in a food processor, or chop finely if you don’t have one. Add in mince

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Lamb’s Heart Chilli

The purpose of this recipe was to kill 2 Birds with 1 stone. 1. Reduce the cost of shopping 2. Increase amount of organ meats in my diet  500g of Hearts cost just £2 from my local butchers. Add 2

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HiiT the Stairs Workout

All you need are a set of stairs. Ideally around 10, however, if you have more or less then adjust the sets accordingly. You can also adjust the sets to suit your fitness level. Video instructions can be found here

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Bodyweight Conditioning

Pretty simple, just do each exercise in turn. This is from our 8 week Bodyweight – No equipment plan. Available for just £7.50 contact us at to purchase.

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Upper Body Workout #1

As it says if your unable to do around 5-10 pull-ups then do lat pull-down instead. For the bench press you want at least 15 for the first set so set the weight accordingly.

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