Budget Dinners


I picked up 2 packets of reduced meat at the supermarket, 1 Chicken and 1 beef. They cost £1.50 each so I decided to show how they could make healthy nutritious meals.
I only added simple, cheap ingredients to them to keep the costs down.
Obviously these were for one person, however you could have used the full pack and easily made a meal for 4-5, the point of this was just to give you some simple options

Chicken – £1.50
Beef – £1.50
Mixed Salad pack – 99p
Stir-fry pack – 99p
Peppers x3 – 75p
Onion x1 – 33p
Rice 1/2cup – 10p
Spring onions – 20p
Tomatoes – 50p
Cucumber – 20p
Pickles – 50p
Assorted herbs, spices, seasoning – 50p

Total – £8.06 = £2 per Meal and I have 1 portion of chilli beef in the freezer for next week

Firstly I fried off the beef in some chilli powder and coated the chicken in Cajun seasoning before steaming it.
Next I portioned it out into tub and placed in the freezer.

Here’s how I made each one

Chilli Beef Stir-fry
Cajun Chicken Kebabs
Cajun Chicken and Peppers with Rice
Chilli Beef Salad

Whilst I did all of my meat with the same seasoning, you could easily use different ones for each portion, I was just being extra lazy this week.

Never let perfect get in the way of good.

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