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Mini Workout 03/11/14

Either do it in 10 Rounds of 10 – 10 Squats, 10 Press-Ups, 10 Sit-ups 5 Rounds of 20 Or Chipper – 100 Squats, 100 Press-ups,  100 Sit-ups However you feel that you’ll get it done the fastest.

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BCAA Amino Gro Review

I have once again been asked to sample and review a product by USN, this time it was for their BCAA Amino-Gro. People who follow our work will know that whilst BCAA’s are a “nice to” supplement, I’d consider them

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Muscular Endurance #1

Daily Workout Break it into manageable chunks i.e 5×20, 10×10 or 20×5 If you don’t have access to a pull-up bar then simply switch them for Squats or just miss that part out.

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Fat Loss Plans

We now offer a range of fat loss and body recomposition plans to suit all tastes, goals and budgets. Level 1 This is aimed and the general population, people who want to eat healthy, and lose some weight. This is

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Breville Blend Active Review

I was recommended something similar to this by a client when I was complaining about all the washing up created by making green smoothies. I saw this one in Asda this weekend for £20 and decided to take the plunge

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USN Whey Protein

I have been kindly asked by USN to review their protein powder. In particular their Whey Protein Premium. Service & Delivery First impressions count and the level of service and speed of delivery (next day) was beyond reproach. I can’t

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2 Ingredient Cookies

I was first shown this recipe by a client asking if it was OK and on plan. I was about to go into a big rant about “paleo treats” and how if you need to put the word paleo to

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Incremental Gains

Want to add 50kg to your Bench Press, Dead lift or any lift for that matter? Let’s face it who wouldn’t. When working with out fat loss clients I often quote the target of losing 1lb per week adding up

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Cottage Pie

Ingredients 500g Minced Beef 2-3 Carrots 2 handfuls Peas 1/2 Turnip (or other veg you fancy) 2 Stock cubes Worcestershire Sauce Mustard or Mustard powder Salt & Pepper to taste 4-5 medium potatoes Cheese (for topping) Method 1. Brown of

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Sugar Cravings

There are 2 elements to our sugar cravings that we need to consider. The Sugar/Insulin Cycle What happens is we eat sugary and high GI foods and the body almost instantly converts them to glucose which enters the bloodstream. High

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