Greek Yogurt Protein Porridge

Greek yogurt is one of the few foods that we recommend getting in the low fat variety, this is because unlike most “low fat” options there are no added sugars and chemicals, just less fat and more protein per serving.

I personally eat a full tub a day during a bulking phase, as it’s a cheap and healthy way to increase fats and protein in the diet.

Half of the tub is as a High Protein Yogurt
The second half is in the form of a protein porridge/overnight oats

For this I simply mix half a tub of low fat Greek yogurt, 50g of porridge oats and one scoop of protein powder (I use whey concentrate from The Protein Works) seal it in a tub or jar and leave in the fridge overnight.

You add frozen fruit if you wish or even instead of the protein powder if you don’t have any.

As described above will give you approx.
485 Kcals
40g Protein
50g Carbs
13g Fat

All for £1.15
Oats – 20p
Yogurt – 45p
Whey – 50p

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