Mini Workout 01/12/14

Pretty simple one really
Do each exercise in turn
Squats – feet shoulder width apart, sit back as tho sitting on a chair to as low as you feel comfort. Try to focus on “screwing” your feet into the ground and keeping your knees pushed out, whilst maintaining a flat foot on the ground
Calf Raises – feet hip width apart, come up onto tip toes (as high as you can) hold for a second and return.
Front Lunges – feet hip width apart, step forward whilst maintaining an upright posture. Lower down as low as you are comfortable without allowing knee to move forward of toes. Step back and return to standing position.
Squats w/jump – as Squats but jump as you rise up before landing as softly as possible.
Jumping Lunges – start in a front lunge position (knee behind toe) jump in the air and switch legs so opposite foot is now in front.

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