BCAA Amino Gro Review


I have once again been asked to sample and review a product by USN, this time it was for their BCAA Amino-Gro.
People who follow our work will know that whilst BCAA’s are a “nice to” supplement, I’d consider them right at the top of that pile.

Along with the expected BCAA’s USN have also included Beta-alanine and Citrulline malate to improve absorption. These are also 2 of the active ingredients in most pre-workout supplements so this is clearly aimed at the peri-workout window as opposed to the IF crew.

Mixing & Taste
Mixing – As with all BCAA products in wasn’t expecting this to mix fast, however, I was pleasantly surprised at how easily and quickly it did mix.
Taste – Amino-Gro comes in two flavours, Orange or Fruit Fusion. I had the later and it tasted great.

A vital component for me with all peri-workout is how easily it settles in my stomach as I’m quite prone to many supps repeating on me during max effort workouts. I am please to report that Amino-Gro is not one of these products and I was able to push as hard as ever.

Amino-Gro is quite easily the best BCAA I have ever used, it tastes great, mixes well, settles easily in the stomach and provides all of the components I’d be looking for in my intra-workout drink.
I have no qualms in saying that the next time I’m in the market to purchase some, then USN will be receiving an order from me.

Put simply, if you want some BCAA’s then this is my No1 recommendation.

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