Fat Loss Plans

We now offer a range of fat loss and body recomposition plans to suit all tastes, goals and budgets.

Level 1
This is aimed and the general population, people who want to eat healthy, and lose some weight. This is for people who don’t want to count calories, weigh and measure food or track every aspect of their life. Whilst we won’t be tracking calories or macro’s we will be focusing on food quality and using nutrient partitioning to achieve your goals (all sounds a lot more fancy and complicated than it is)
On these plans you’ll be eating with the family and enjoying life whilst still getting pretty lean. Flat stomachs and visible abs are well within reach on these plans, but we won’t be looking like a cover model.
Our 30day Kickstart and 8 Week Challenges are both level 1 plans and are designed as an introduction into a healthy lifestyle.
The cost is from just £40 and as with all our plans come with ongoing support for life via our online support groups.

Level 2
This is for folk people wanting to reach that “next level”, single digit bodyfat and six packs for example.
We will be a lot more strict on diet and supplementation (if desired) there will be an element of weighing, measuring and tracking of food however there will still be room to “live”
For level 2 clients there will be an active manipulation and control of macro’s as well as quantity of food consumed.
These plans require a much higher level of coach/client interaction, with twice weekly catch ups and constant adaption/manipulation of you diet plan. This is still aimed at being part of a healthy lifestyle just with some tighter controls in place.
Due to the level of commitment required by us places are strictly limited for this level of coaching and is assessed on a 1-2-1 basis. We can run these plans for up to 12 months if required at a cost of £30 per month.

Level 2+
As an addition to to these we have a highly focused 4-6 week plan that includes DAILY consultations with our coaching team, this includes all of the above as well as constant 24/7 coaching and support on a 1-2-1 level, this would be as though I were there with you only without having to put up with my ugly mug. Due to the level of interaction and commitment required these plans cost £30 per week and are only suitable for a very short period of time. This would be a great plan for someone really needing that “kick up the arse” to get them started before transitioning into a regular level 2 plan.

Level 3
This would be people wanting to compete, get on stage or have a professional photo shoot. Whilst I am confident in my ability to prepare someone for this, I don’t have the first hand experience to take such a client on. I can however recommend some great coaches who specialise in this arena, and have far greater experience in such matters.

If you’d like to know more about any of our plans or discuss your requirements then please contact us
Email: carl@busybeefitness.com

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