Breville Blend Active Review


I was recommended something similar to this by a client when I was complaining about all the washing up created by making green smoothies.
I saw this one in Asda this weekend for £20 and decided to take the plunge as to be honest the washing and mess was stopping me having smoothies.

In the Box
For £20 you get your motor unit and the blade attachment as well as 2 sports style bottles and caps. The bottles fit easily into cup holders in my car and I’m told also fit into bike bottle cages, so truly versatile.

It is so simple to use it’s scary, you simply fill the bottle with your smoothie goodness, screw the blade attachment on and connect to the motor unit. On great bonus is that if your veggies get stuck out of reach of the blade (as inevitably happens) you just take the bottle, give it a good shake and stick it back on. No more scraping around with a wooden spoon.
I’ve made a couple of smoothies now and the texture/consistency was fine and smooth. The blades easily dealt with my chosen veggies and frozen fruits which is no surprise as they will also crush ice for an extra cold smoothie.

If your serious about a healthy lifestyle then green leafy veggies are king, I can almost guarantee that your not getting enough. By far the easiest way to really increase your intake is via green smoothies and one of these would make it quick, easy and simple.
I can’t recommend one of these enough and am happy to say that’s own green smoothie consumption will be much improved and increased now I have one.

For my smoothie I used
1 handful of chard
1 handful of shredded beetroot
1 handful of spinach
1/2 apple
5 frozen raspberries

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