USN Whey Protein


I have been kindly asked by USN to review their protein powder. In particular their Whey Protein Premium.

Service & Delivery
First impressions count and the level of service and speed of delivery (next day) was beyond reproach. I can’t fault USN at all in this regard.

The Product
As I said I was asked to review the Whey Premium and on initial review of the ingredients I was looking forward to trying it.


Nutritional info

With a scan of the above nutrition label you can see 24g of protein with only 2.8g of carbs (I prefer to add my own carbs as needed, so this is great) and some added MCT oil too. All of this comes with a decent Amino Acid profile so we were good to go.

Mixing & Taste
As always I used my Core150 shaker to test this (so all reviews are fair) and it mixed almost instantly (always a good thing)
The taste was awesome, in fact I’d say one of, if not THE best tasting proteins I’ve personally tried.
I took this post workout and am happy to report no bloating or ill effects afterwards of which I personally can be very prone.

The Verdict
All in all this is a great value protein, it mixes easily, tastes great and ticks all of the nutritional boxes.
USN seem like a great company and they have a HUGE range of proteins to choose from to suit whatever goals you have.
I have absolutely no problem recommending you check them out and will be trying out a few different items myself over the coming months.

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