Incremental Gains

Want to add 50kg to your Bench Press, Dead lift or any lift for that matter?
Let’s face it who wouldn’t.

When working with out fat loss clients I often quote the target of losing 1lb per week adding up to 52lb in a year (they generally lose more) again who wouldn’t want to lose that sort of weight, unless of course your already close to target weight.
Time to practice what I preach, I always talk about this approach to weight loss for others but never apply it to myself.

I’ve known for some time that these kind of gains are possible through doing the 5×5 or 5/3/1 weight lifting programs but for some reason it really struck me today.
All I need to do it add 1kg to each lift each week and this time next year I’ll have added 50kg to each lift.
It’s time to stop thinking about 6 week this or 90 day that and go for the long haul. Just imagine how much muscle you’d gain adding numbers like that to your big lifts.

I’m on it, I will continue to follow the crossfit football programing but use the amateur strength plan and simply add 1kg to each lift every time I do them.  As I said you could just as easily use any lifting schedule and do this, just I do love me some conditioning Wod’s

I’m off to find me some fractional weight plates 🙂

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