Cottage Pie


500g Minced Beef
2-3 Carrots
2 handfuls Peas
1/2 Turnip (or other veg you fancy)
2 Stock cubes
Worcestershire Sauce
Mustard or Mustard powder
Salt & Pepper to taste
4-5 medium potatoes
Cheese (for topping)

1. Brown of the minced Beef
2. Add Worcestershire sauce, mustard, stock cubes and salt/pepper
3. Add vegetables
4. Add boiling water to top of ingredients and simmer until vegetables are cooked to your liking.
5. Put potatoes on to boil
6. Once all cooked then mash potato and assemble in an oven proof dish.
7. Grate cheese over the top and place in pre-heated oven to melt/brown the cheese.
8. Serve up and enjoy.

You can of course use minced lamb and make it a shepherds pie and mix/change the vegetables (leeks or onions go well) or even leave them out if you wish.


We always make plenty then freeze a couple of portions for emergency ready meals.

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One comment on “Cottage Pie
  1. Protein Bars says:

    Hey this looks incredible. I am going to make this for my partner this evening after a trip to Sainos : ). Thanks for sharing. Hannah.

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