Protein Review

Pro-10 review

I have been approached by Pro-10 to review their protein and shakers, so here it is.

I received a shaker, Protein powder and 2x Weight Gainers.

My first point is the level of service and speed of delivery that I experienced is anything to go by then your all in for a treat as it was second to none.

The Shaker

The shaker is a standard Buchsteiner 700ml shaker with the Pro-10 branding. There is a reason that these shakers are used by so many companies and that is that they are both inexpensive and do exactly what is required without all the fancy gimmicks that come with a lot of the higher priced shakers. Big enough to shake up what ever you require, give a good mix and are super easy to clean. They also double up well for using during your workout as the big opening means you can get a great slug of water or peri-workout drink.

There is not more to say about the shaker, but at £1.99 they are great and you should add one to your basket with your next order.

Whey Protein / Weight Gainer

Pro-10 do the usual variety of proteins in either Chocolate, vanilla or unflavored. I was lucky enough to be able to try both chocolate and strawberry and can say that they tasted fine, no chemically tang like I have experienced with other powders in the past and the sweetness was just right for me (as I follow a primal/paleo style of eating sweet things really stand out to me)

For the purpose of this review I used my regular shaker, added the recommended level of water and gave it a good shake as I would do any other day. When I drank the shake it still had a few lumps in but another quick shake and these were all gone. This is far from an issue and just tells me that Pro-10 need a little more mixing than I am used too (I’m talking about 15secs instead 10) like I said no issue what so ever and once mixed correctly it was smooth went down a treat. I had absolutely no bloating or GI issues that can come with some shakes I have had in the past

All in all I liked the Pro-10 shakes and would have no issues what so ever in recommending them to people to try, the prices are fantastic starting at around 50p per shake for the unflavored Whey and £1.30 for the weight gainer which is well in line with the vast majority of the online supplement companies.

Any way, enough of me rambling on. Go check them out at and try some for yourself. You wont be disappointed.


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