Group Fitness Sessions

As part of the new training protocol that I’m currently writing, I intend to include group fitness classes once a week, so I thought I’d write a little about it beforehand as the actual protocol could take some time to complete and I feel this one tip could really be beneficial to a lot of folk.
Now when I say group fitness classes I am not talking about cardio/dance I’m not knocking these at all but they do not fall in with what I am trying to achieve for people. If you enjoy these classes then please by all mean proceed and enjoy them as enjoyment is what this fitness game is all about. The types of classes I’m talking about are the crossfit, caveman, bootcamp style sessions that include intense bursts of high output weight based exercise. There are classes like this popping up everywhere and I for one enjoy my Sunday morning caveman sessions.
Now the reason I suggest doing one of these classes is simply that when it comes for bang for your buck they simply can’t be beat. You get a qualified instructor pushing you through an awesome workout that will build muscular endurance, burn fat and improve overall fitness all for under £5. Compare that to a session with a PT at over 4-5 times the price, again I’m not saying don’t go with a PT as for sure you will get better more personalised workouts from a 1-2-1 session, but not everyone can afford £20-£30 a session. In the PT session you will get pushed and motivated and it should all be personalised and set to your own specific goals and development, but if you can push yourself (instructors are always on hand to give you a gentle push in group sessions remember) and your goal is to get fitter, faster, stronger and leaner then give a group class a go.
Most of them offer a free taster or induction session so what have you got to lose, other than body fat?
If your in the right area then I recommend these guys (no affiliation, just know they know their stuff)
RM Fitness
Black Sheep
Bolton bootcamp
Please feel free to add other recommendations in the comments and I’ll gladly check them out and approve.

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