Whey Protein 90 review

I now use The Protein Works exclusively for my protein and supplement requirements, my regular protein of choice is their Whey Protein 90 (isolate). They do a wide variety of proteins but I find this to be a good compromise between quality and price.
The most amazing thing about The Protein Works is that they don’t use artificial flavours and they have an ever growing selection of flavours.
This is what they say about it

Whey Protein 90 is a premium grade whey protein isolate with the highest protein content of any whey protein powder. TPW™ Whey Protein 90 is undenatured as the whey is micro-filtered and NOT heat treated, ensuring the purest possible protein. It is fast-acting with a 90% protein content.

I can do nothing but agree with them, it mixes great in both Milk and Water as well as with Greek yogurt.
They have a choice of 12 flavour (although 1 is unflavoured)
As you can see from the above picture I have tried 6 of these
Chocolate Silk – this is a nice basic chocolate that I use in the majority of my shakes as well as my morning coffee
Apple Cinnamon Swirl – This has the perfect blend of apple with that nice hint of cinnamon. Enough to flavour it without overpowering.
Lemon Shortcake – just like eating lemon cheese cake, this is by far my favourite when mixed with yogurt.
Jaffa Cake – Wowzers, if you like chocolate and orange then this is the one for you, this was originally a limited edition flavour that sold out in a matter of hours. I’m told its quite complex to mix and I don’t know how long it will be available for so get it whilst you can (I’ve already got a spare)
Chocolate Mint Brownie – This is like drinking Mint Aero, so if you like mint aero your gonna love this.
Caramel Macchiato – This is the latest flavour and The coffee flavour of this is awesome with that nice hint of caramel. The smell reminds me of coffee revels and the taste matches (less the chocolate)
Also Available
Banana Smooth, Butterscotch Ripple, Cherry Bakewell, Strawberries & Cream, Vanilla Creme and unflavoured.
Mixing My Own
The Revels smell has led me to try my own mixes so I’m going to make my own ‘cocktails’ starting with chocolate and macchiato for that coffee revel taste.
All I can say is give them a try you won’t regret it, and with the choices available your sure to find one you enjoy.
If you do decide to try them then please use my referral code CW231 this will give you 250g of free protein if you spend over £10 so you’ll have the chance to try an extra flavour.

Here is the nutritional breakdown taken from their website.


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